June 11
How to play like Levyfinn

RBLZ_Gaming have been one of the biggest powerhouses in the WOW Virtual Bundesliga thanks to the elite talent within their ranks.

The latest EA SPORTS FC™ player to come from the camp and make a name for himself is Levyfinn. Having made it to the finals of the VBL and eChampions League, the talented German is continuing to prove that he’s one of the best in the world.

Here are three key tips on how you can also play like Levyfinn.

Skill Selection

Skills really do pay the bills when it comes to elite FC players competing against each other and Levy is one of the best at using skills to create space or magic moments. What sets Levy apart from other players is that he knows exactly when and which skills to use to unlock defences.

Levy’s ability to pull off the right skill at the right time helped him score the goals below, twisting and turning with the ball until he found the perfect moment to put a cross into the box.

Precise passing

Much like his RBLZ_Gaming teammates, Levy is fantastic at spotting defence-splitting passes that have the ability to give his team the advantage.

However, what makes him so dangerous in these areas is his pass accuracy. His pass is so perfect that he’s able to create counterattacks almost instantly, leaving defenders exposed and racing back to try and protect their goal.

Pirlo power

Every FC player has an item that is almost synonymous with their success in competitions and, in the case of Levy, the item that helped him the most was Pirlo.

By using Ultimate Icon Pirlo and his Incisive Passing Playstyle+, Levy is able to control the middle of the virtual pitch with all the ease in the world. The Italian legend also has the vision to pull off mind-boggling long-range passes that can create a goal-scoring opportunity in an instant.

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