March 25
ePremier League Finals Results
Tekkz and Bonanno ePremier League celebration
Tekkz and Bonanno ePremier League celebration

The 2023/24 ePremier League Final was one to remember as Manchester City’s Tekkz and Bonanno had a flawless run that ensured they were crowned champions.

The dynamic duo had plenty of opportunities to show off how good they are during Championship Sunday, however it was their gritty performance in the Final against Luton Town that proved they deserved to lift the trophy this year..

With this win Tekkz and Bonanno’s season will continue as they’re now invited to the eChampions League and the FC Pro World Championship which take place this summer.

Check out our recap of Day 2 of the ePremier League Finals.


Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur

ePremier League MCI vs TOT

It had been four years since Tekkz and Lyricz last competed against each other in competition Their rematch in the first leg of their tie proved that the Manchester City man is levels above his opponent

Despite Tottenham’s Lyricz having great offense and defence on Day 1, none of it mattered in the quarter-final when he came up against a rampant Tekkz. The Manchester City player obliterated his opponent 5-0 and set up his teammate, Bonanno, for a much easier second-leg against Tottenham’s Tom Leese.

Sadly for Tom, overcoming a 5-0 deficit was too much to ask for as he succumbed to a 2-0 defeat to Bonanno. It wasn’t without trying, as Leese battled throughout to try and reduce the scoreline, but it simply wasn’t enough.

Manchester City win 7-0 on aggregate

Luton vs West Ham

Luton Town’s HarveyWxters and LukeDowning had a dominant performance over West Ham’s BrigArmy17 and GRK, smashing the London side 7-3 on aggregate.

HarveyWxters racked up the goals in the first game, picking apart BrigArmy17 with the Aerial Playstyle+ time and time again. Despite trying his hardest to reduce the 4-1 scoreline, BrigArmy’s attacks were mostly shut down by his opponent.

GRK’s attempts to draw level in the second-leg were admirable, especially after scoring two goals back-to-back to make it 3-2. However, Luton were able to maintain control and secure their spot in the semi-finals.

Luton Town win 7-3 on aggregate

Brighton vs Wolves

Brighton’s Jayden Groden did a great job of stifling Wolves’ MitchHxyward in the first game of their tie, using solid defensive play to quickly transition into counter-attacks. His fast, direct offense allowed him to make the most of knockdowns inside the box, helping him earn a 3-1 lead going into the second leg.

KaiHarris did manage to score and reduce the scoreline, but Marley remained calm and maintained possession for long periods. Even though the Brighton man lost 1-0, he kept his opponent from scoring enough goals for it to matter in the end.

Brighton win on aggregate 3-2

Manchester United vs Liverpool

ePremier League MUN VS LIV

Manchester United needed Dragon to have another high-scoring performance on Day 2 of the ePremier League Grand Finals, but his inability to get his offense going early on proved to be his team’s downfall..

The Manchester United player couldn’t stop Liverpool’s Stingrayjnr from scoring multiple goals against him, giving his teammate, Dariosh, a healthy two-goal cushion going into the second game, thanks to a solid 4-2 scoreline.

It seemed like Manchester United’s David Murray might have a chance to bring the game to extra time due to a late surge, but Dariosh did just enough to stop him from drawing level. It was smart game management from the veteran at a crucial period in the game.

Liverpool win 5-4 on aggregate


Manchester City vs Luton Town

ePremier League MCI

Manchester City continued their unbeaten run in the competition, locking in an impressive 6-0 victory over two legs against Luton Town.

City’s Bonanno didn’t give his opponent, LukeDowning, much of a chance during their game, showing that he was levels above his opponent by scoring six goals against him. It didn’t leave Tekkz with much to do going into the second-leg

In fact, Tekkz slowed the play down and made Harveywxters chase him for the entirety of their match. Sadly for the Luton Town players, no amount of chasing could help them overcome such a heavy defeat in the first leg.

Manchester city win 6-0 on aggregate

Brighton vs Liverpool

Brighton’s Marley and Jayden Groden completely dominated Liverpool in their semi-final matchup, essentially killing off the tie within the first game.

Liverpool’s Dariosh will be highly disappointed with his performance in the first game, as he was crushed 4-1 by Marley. It was a top performance from the Brighton man, as he was ruthless in front of goal, scoring almost at will.

Jayden Groden maintained the high-scoring antics for Brighton, scoring goal after goal for Brighton to help them secure their spot in the ePremier League Final.

Brighton & Hove Albion win 7-3 on aggregate


Manchester City vs Brighton & Hove Albion

ePremier League MCI vs BHA

Manchester City are your new ePremier League champion, but they had to fight to make sure the title was brought back to the blue side of Manchester.

Tekkz started off with a solid 1-0 victory over Jayden Groden, humbling his opponent with some great possession play and relentless attacks. With a one goal cushion going into the second game, Bonanno came in for Manchester City and this is where things became tricky.

The Argentinian was playing well against Marley, but couldn’t find a way to get past his opponent’s defence. Frustrated and running out of options, Bonanno lost concentration on a loose ball and Marley punished him for it to make it 1-1.

With the game now deep into the second half of extra-time, it looked like we might get our first penalty shootout of competition. However, Erling Haaland’s towering header from a corner broke Brighton’s hearts and made sure that Manchester City won the ePremier League and lived up to the lofty expectations placed on them.

Manchester City win 2-1 on aggregate

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