March 24
ePremier League Finals: Day 1 Results
ePremier League set
ePremier League set

Day 1 of the ePremier League Finals concluded with Manchester United, West Ham, Tottenham Hotspur, and Wolves joining Manchester City, Luton Town, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Liverpool for the Grand Finals on Sunday, March 24.

The action came thick and fast in every game, as we saw plenty of goals, close calls, and heart-stopping moments. It was a fantastic way to get fans ready for all the drama that will ensue tomorrow.

Here's our recap from Day 1 of the ePremier League Finals.

Round of 16

Manchester United vs Chelsea

ePremier League Manchester United

Manchester United’s Dragon and David Murray made it look easy in their first game, defeating Chelsea 7-2 on aggregate and putting every other team in the competition on notice. Dragon dismantled JSharp 5-1 in the first leg of the tie, scoring a brilliant hat-trick with Erling Haaland.

Despite Conkai’s attempts to stage a comeback, David Murray did a great job of stopping the vast majority of his attacks, ensuring that Manchester United would make it through to play Aston Villa.

Manchester United win 7-2 on aggregate

Aston Villa vs Bournemouth

The game between Aston Villa and Bournemouth was one of the most dramatic games of the day, as a 90th minute winner for Aston Villa scored by Erling Haaland sent them through to the next stage.

NathanBP and XJBrown7 drew the first game 2-2, meaning Cameronrock and VBD had it all to play for in the second leg. It looked like this game was destined for extra time, but Cameronrock broke the Bournemouth team’s hearts, rising above everyone else to score a towering header and seal the victory.

The FC Pro players took advantage of the Aerial Playstyle+ quickly became a trend during Day 1 and this moment was the perfect example of why it’s such a potent threat.

Aston Villa win 5-4 on aggregate

Nottingham Forest vs Fulham

Nottingham Forest’s entry into the next round had a tricky matchup against Fulham that nearly saw the West London club claw their way back into the competition.

Forest’s Redlac had a dominant performance against Joshhhh9, scoring a ridiculous free-kick against the Fulham man with Kevin De Bruyne. However, Joshhhh9’s inability to put the ball in the back of the net was his main flaw, which meant that his teammate, MessyFTG, would have to try and make a comeback in the second leg.

Although he tried his hardest and gave Goalpoacher a slight scare, the Nottingham Forest man was able to keep him at bay and ensure Forest won the tie over two-legs.

Nottingham Forest win 4-2 on aggregate

West Ham United vs Brentford

ePremier League West Ham Utd

Both West Ham United and Brentford went on the attack during this game, as they scored 14 goals combined in two legs.

BrigArmy17 and The Artist looked like they cancelled each other out in the first game as they were 2-2 going into the 80th minute. However, West Ham’s BrigArmy17 banged in two late goals to put a lot of pressure on Brentford.

Despite having it all to do, Gosipic took on the challenge of dragging Brentford back into the competition and he was nearly successful in doing so. The 17-year-old went into the second half just one goal behind after making it 5-4 on aggregate.

However, GRK’s efficiency in front of goal and his consistent use of the Aerial Playstyle+ helped West Ham maintain the lead and make it to the next round.

West Ham win 8-6 on aggregate

Tottenham vs Newcastle

ePremier League Tottenham

The first matchup of this two-leg game started off slow, as Tottenham’s Lyricz made it 1-0 early on, but it was the performance of his teammate, Tom Leese, that ensured Tottenham’s inclusion in the next round.

Newcastle’s Bancs didn’t make it easy for Leese, as he scored relatively early on. However, the Tottenham man’s quality quickly began to shine through as he took advantage of his opponent’s mistakes to make it 6-2 on aggregate and once again prove why he’s one of the best EA SPORTS FC 24 players competing in this tournament.

Tottenham win 6-2 on aggregate

Crystal Palace vs Everton

After missing out on the chance to qualify for the quarter-finals during the group stages, Crystal Palace’s Shellzz and NikSNEB played like they had something to prove against Everton.

Former ePremier League champion Shellzz dominated Everton’s ChrisJakeman throughout the first game, scoring two exquisite goals and stopping his opponent from scoring. NikSNEB continued the punishment against DanielZanieri, smashing four goals past him to send Everton home early.

Crystal Palace win 6-1 on aggregate

Wolves vs Burnley

It was a great display of teamwork between Wolves’ MitchHxyward and XKaiHarris as they shut down Burnley over two legs.

BradColston looked like he was going to earn a victory in the first leg after scoring within the first five minutes of the second half. Wolves’ MitchHxyward realised that he needed to step things up and score and that’s exactly what he did, eventually breaching his opponent’s defence after wave after wave of attack.

Burnleys’ SalmanAhmad was too slow at finding his rhythm early in the second, which XKaiHarris was able to use to his advantage by scoring two early goals. The Burnley representative tried diligently to battle back, but it was simply too little, too late.

Wolves win 3-2 on aggregate

Arsenal vs Sheffield United

E0J2 and RSD squeaked out a victory for Arsenal against Sheffield United, as they struggled putting their opponents to bed over two legs.

E0J2 dominated Sheffield United’s BillyJoe96 early on in their first game, scoring two goals within the first 25 in-game minutes. However, BillyJoe96 returned fire to make it 2-2 going into the second leg.

Sheffield United’s MichaelFisher did everything he could to stop RSD, frustrating the Arsenal man during the first half of their game and having more clear chances on goal. However, RSD would eventually break through, scoring an audacious scissor kick to make sure the red side of London had a chance to make it to Championship Sunday.

Arsenal win 3-2 on aggregate

Round of 8

Manchester United vs Aston Villa

ePremier League Manchester United

EA SPORTS FC 24 fans were treated to an incredible two-legged tie between Manchester United and Aston Villa, as both teams provided one of the most entertaining matches in ePremier League history.

The first game was all about Aston Villa’s Cameronrock, who shocked everyone watching by putting three goals past Manchester United’s David Murray. Murray looked flustered by the end of the match, clearly wondering how his teammate, Dragon, could drag them back from the brink of exiting the competition.

Luckily for him, Dragon was able to pull off one of the craziest comebacks you’ll ever see. Despite being 3-0 down from the first game, he was able to turn the tide and put his opponent to the sword with a huge six-goal haul.

Manchester United win 6-3 on aggregate

West Ham vs Nottingham Forest

West Ham pulled off a shocking victory over Nottingham Forest to book their entry to the quarter-finals.

West Ham’s GRK was able to stifle his opponent’s historically efficient attack, making sure Goalpoacher was only able to score one goal against him in a 2-1 victory.

All his teammate, BrigArmy17, had to do was avoid a loss in the second leg and they'd be through to Championship Sunday. However, Nottingham Forest’s Redlac would not make it easy for him as he was able to draw level on aggregate.

Luckily for West Ham, BrigArmy would not give up and eventually scored a goal of his own to make it 3-2 on aggregate and send them through to the next round.

West Ham win 3-2 on aggregate

Tottenham vs Crystal Palace

Tottenham showed that they’re going to be a major threat on Championship Sunday, as Lyricz put on a masterful performance against Shellzz in the second game of their tie.

Tom Leese, playing for Tottenham, drew 1-1 with Crystal Palace’s NikSNEB in the first game, with the second game being the decider. However, Lyrics gave his opponent no chance of winning as he absolutely obliterated Shellzz 5-0.

The former ePremier League champion had absolutely nothing for his opponent, as he was hit with wave after wave of attack. It was simply too much for Shellz in the end as Lyricz was simply on another level in this match.

Tottenham win 6-1 on aggregate

Arsenal vs Wolves

Wolves secure their entry into the quarter-finals after defeating Arsenal in a dramatic series of games.

On paper, Wolves’ XKaiHarris had a tough game against Arsenal’s RSD, but he was able to shut down most of the offensive threat that RSD is known for, which helped him earn a 2-1 victory.

XKaiHarris’ teammate, MitchHxyward, maintained the same level of performance against Arsenal's E0J2, but a brief lapse of concentration in the second half allowed the Arsenal man to score a goal and give his team hope.

However, it was too little, too late, as Wolves’ efficiency in front of goal helped them get the victory and entry into Championship Sunday.

Now that all eight teams have qualified, here's how everything is lined up for Championship Sunday:

Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur

Luton Town vs West Ham United

Brighton vs Wolves

Liverpool vs Manchester United

Fans can watch quarter-finals of the ePremier League on the Premier League's digital channels, including YouTube, X, Facebook, TikTok and the Premier League website and app.

It will also be streamed across the EA SPORTS FC Pro Twitch Channel, with viewers able to watch on Sky Sports and TNT Sports in the UK. 

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