May 14
eChampions League Squad Draft Review: Group Stage

If there’s one thing that is nearly as exciting as watching Europe’s finest FC players fighting to lift the eChampions League trophy, it’s finding out what items they’ve drafted into their teams.

We saw some fascinating choices from the participants, with many i items having a significant impact throughout the eChampions League Group stage.

eDivisie stars PHzin, Manu Bachoore and Emre Yilmaz all went undefeated during the Group stage, topping their groups in dominant and impressive fashion.

We’ve picked apart their drafts to see what made their squads unbeatable.

Emre Yilmaz Draft


The one thing that connects all three players' attacks together is that they want speed up front. The ‘slowest’ player on either of their teams was Golazo ICON Didier Drogba who has 92 pace. Otherwise, they used the likes of ICON Ronaldo or FUT Birthday ICON Thierry Henry to kill teams on the counter attack.

It’s also interesting to note that all three players led their attack with a player who has a Quick Step Playstyle+. This clearly helped all three of them as that particular movement often opened up space for them to get a shot off on goal.

PHzin Squad Draft Review


The common denominator in midfield for these eDivisie trio is RTTK Luka Modric and RTTF Toni Kroos. These two have incredible stats for passing, making them a perfect duo to help maximise the efforts of their speedy front three.

Both items also have impactful Playstyles that improve PHzin, Manu and Emre’s chances of unlocking a defense. Modric and Kroos share Incisive Pass Playstyle, Whipped Pass Playstyle and the Long Ball Pass Playstyle (with Kross having it as a Playstyle+).

All of those are perfect for providing that defence splitting pass, which is exactly what you want when you’ve got the likes of Henry, Mbappe and Ronaldo up front.

Manu Bachoore


It’s pretty clear from each team’s starting line-ups that PHzin, Manu and Emre all built teams that were going to be heavy on offense. Which made it extremely important that they build a back five that can stop opponents from countering them.

It makes sense that Emre and Manu would have the same back five as they’re teammates, but PHzin picked a near identical lineup to them, with the only difference being that he used TOTGS Cancelo instead of Golazo ICON Cafu.

There’s plenty of pace and power at the back for all three teams, giving them the perfect balance of attack and defence.

You can watch the eChampions League Finals live from Magazine London in London, England by clicking HERE.

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