May 16
eChampions League Knockout stage preview

If the eChampions League Knockout stage is anything like the eChampions League group stage, then the FC community should be very excited as it promises to be a blockbuster event.

Following last weekend’s sensational eChampions League Group stage, the likes of PHzin, Emre Yilmaz, Manu Bachoore and many more will look to take the next step towards eChampions League glory when they compete against each other on 18-19 May.

Check out our preview below to ensure you’re fully prepared for the eChampions League Knockout stage.

You can also watch the eChampions League Final live from London, England on 29 May by clicking HERE.

How to watch

EA SPORTS FC fans have two ways to catch all the action from the Knockout stage:

  1. Fans watch the matches on the EA SPORTS FC PRO YouTube or Twitch channels.

  2. UEFA’s YouTube and TikTok channels will also be streaming the games live.

If you’re unable to watch the live stream, but still want to keep up-to-date with the biggest moments then you can follow EA SPORTS FC PRO on Instagram, X and TikTok to get the highlights.

You can also receive highlights from the Knockout stage on UEFA’s X and TikTok channels.

You’ll also be able to find out what time the competition begins in your time zone by clicking HERE.

Viewership and In-game rewards

Not only will FC fans get to watch some of the best players in Europe competing for a spot in the eChampions League Finals, but they’ll also receive rewards just for tuning in.

All you need to do is follow these two instructions:

  1. Log into your EA account.

  2. Ensure your EA account is connected with your YouTube or Twtich account.

You’ll now receive the following rewards if you complete the following objectives:

eCL KO S9 Rewards 16x9


These are the 24 remaining participants who will be competing in the eChampions League Knockout stage.

  • PHzin (Ajax)

  • Levi de Weerd (Ajax)

  • Emre Yilmaz (PSV Eindhoven)

  • Manu Bachoore (PSV Eindhoven)

  • Bonanno (Manchester City)

  • Neat (Real Valladolid)

  • Marley (Brighton & Hove Albion)

  • Keturdylo (Olympique Lyonnais)

  • Fouma (FC Lorient)

  • Montaxer (FC Lorient)

  • BVB Feldman (Borussia Dortmund)

  • NKantee (Paris Saint-Germain)

  • Umut (Red Bull Leipzig)

  • Levyfinn (Red Bull Leipzig)

  • Jonny (SC Paderhorn 07)

  • Riptorek (Jagiellonia Białystok)

  • AndoniiPM (Atletico Madrid)

  • DaniPitbull (Juventus)

  • HHezerS (AC Monza)

  • Ekmenn94 (Club Brugge)

  • Isopowerr (Fenerbache)

  • Rikhard 11 (FC Famalicão)

  • Luconegua (Torino FC)

  • DFernandes (Cadiz CF)

eChampions League Knockout stage Bracket

NKantee eCL

The bracket has been set for the Knockout stage, so here’s who will be facing on this weekend:

  • Montaxer (FC Lorient) vs Marc Marley (Brighton & Hove Albion) - Winner faces PHzin (Ajax)

  • Keturdylo (Olympique Lyonnais) vs HHezerS (AC Monza) - Winner faces Jonny (SC Paderborn 07)

  • Bonanno (Manchester City) vs Rikhard (FC Famalicão) - Winner faces Levi de Weerd (Ajax)

  • Fouma (FC Lorient) vs Danipitbull (Juventus) - Winner faces NKantee (Paris Saint-Germain)

  • Umut (Red Bull Leipzig) vs Ekmenn94 (Club Brugge) - Winner faces Manu Bachoore (PSV Eindhoven)

  • AndoniiPM (Atletico Madrid) vs Riptorek (Jagiellonia Bialystok) - Winner faces Emre Yilmaz (PSV Eindhoven)

  • Luconegua (Torino FC) vs BVB Feldman (Borussia Dortmund) - Winner faces Levyfinn (Red Bull Leipzig)

  • Isopowerr (Fenerbache) vs DFernades (Cadiz CF) - Winner faces Neat (Real Valladolid CF)

Get live updates from the Knockout stage by clicking HERE.

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