May 18
eChampions League Knockout stage Day 1 Results

The eChampions League Knockout stage provided plenty of excitement for the FC community as Europe’s elite battled for a spot in tomorrow’s second stage.

Here are the results from a dramatic day of action from the competition.

HHezers vs KeturDylo

KeturDylo put on a devastating performance in his game against HHezerS, smashing the eSerie A champion 7-3 in a thrilling victory.

HHezerS told us last week that fans should watch out for his attack, but he was unable to find his rhythm as Dylo was relentless in his approach, punishing the AC Monza player’s every mistake by slamming the ball into the back of the net repeatedly.

HHezerS tried to battle back, but the damage from Dylo was already done as the game was well and truly over before the game was over.

KeturDylo wins 7-3

Montaxer vs Marley

The game between Marley and Montaxer was simple incredible, as the matchup between the two players went to the final moments.

Marley made his presence felt instantly, scoring two goals in quick succession to take an impressive 2-0 lead. However, Montaxer was able to reduce the scoreline before the second-half, giving the Italian a glimpse of hope for a comeback.

The two would have a goal-filled second-half where they traded the lead multiple times. With the game 3-3 and heading towards extra-time, Montaxer whipped a corner in the box that was met by the head of Didier Drogba to earn a hard-fought victory.

Montaxer wins 4-3

Fouma vs Danitpitbull


DaniPitbull defeated eLigue 1 champion Fouma in a compelling battle where both men had the chance to get the win.

It seemed relatively evenly matched early on, as both men traded goals throughout. However, a very calm DaniPitbull didn’t seem phased by his opponent consistently pegging him back. Luckily for him, the Juventus player was able to stay one step ahead at all times, consistently finding a way to breach Fouma’s attack.

Despite Fouma doing everything in his power to draw level with DaniPitbull, he couldn’t reduce the deficit, sending the FC Lorient player crashing out of the competition.

DaniPitbull wins 6-4

Bonanno vs Rikhard11

20240518 eCL Day 3 @KonkolMichal Socials-115

Bonanno and Rikhard11 had the most dramatic match of the Knockout stage, as their epic battle went all the way to extra-time.

The first half was all about Rikhard11 as he opened the scoring early on. The goals didn’t stop for the Portuguese player as he continued to put the ball into the back of the net, forcing Bonanno to rethink his strategy.

Despite the disappointment of going 3-0 down, Bonanno refused to give up, staging a sensenational fight back, ensuring the game would end 3-3 in regular time. With momentum firmly on his side, Bonanno continued to pick his opponent’s defence apart, eventually adding two more goals to lock in his spot in the next round.

Bonanno wins 6-4

Umut vs Ekmenn94

Ekmenn94 provided one of the biggest upsets of the competition by defeating Red Bull Leipzig star Umut.

Umut gave as good as he could get during the competition, creating plenty of goal-scoring opportunities that troubled the Belgian. However, Ekmenn refused to let his opponent get a foothold in the game, continuously punishing him with every chance he could create.

Eventually, the difference between the two players in goals was too much of an obstacle for the former world champion, ensuring that Ekmenn gave the favourite an early exit from the competition.

Ekmenn94 wins 6-3

AndoniiPM vs Riptorek

Ekstraklasa champion Riptorek might be competing in his first eChampions League tournament, but his win over Atletico Madrid’s AndoniiPM proved once again that he belongs in the competition.

Riptorek’s impact in front of goal took Andonii - and many others - by surprise as he seemingly was able to score at will. Andonii did his best to try and stop Riptorek from scoring, but his defence was overrun each time he was attacked.

It was a sensational win for Riptorek which takes him through to the next stage, despite being a sizable underdog against a very tough, experienced opponent.

Riptorek wins 5-4

Luconegua vs Feldman

Torino CF’s Luco Negua handled Feldman with relative ease during their matchup, with the Italian using a solid defensive display to shut his opponent down.

With Feldman’s attack now toothless, Luco was able to keep the ball and pepper his opponent’s goal with shots. Despite the Dortmund man trying valiantly to stop Luco from scoring, the attack was simply too much in the end.

Luconegua wins 4-1

Isopowerr vs DFernandes

The final game of the night was a great way to finish the competition as Isopowerr and DFernandes went on an all out attack against each other.

With both players putting defence to the side, fans were treated to goal frenzy, as both men were able to put multiple goals past their opponent. However, Cadiz CF’s DFernandes was the more efficient of the two players, securing a closely fought victory to make it to the next stage.

DFernandes wins 6-5

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