May 18
Dylo Q+A: "This is a special tournament."

Olympique Lyonnais' KeturDylo has been competing in EA SPORTS FC tournaments for a number of years, quickly becoming a mainstay in the eLigue 1 due to his sensational performances.

Alongside his teammate, Leks, Dylo made it to this year's eLigue 1 Finals, ensuring he'd get a chance to compete in the eChampions League. The talented veteran spoke to us about the competition, how he began competing and much more.

Tell me a little bit about you and how you got into competing in FC competitions?

“I was playing the game like everyone else. Whether it was after school or football, I would come home and play the game. One day, my friend sent me a link for a tournament.

“I played and beat a lot of pro players from the past and then I played in the French championship. I beat another good top player in this tournament and got contacted by a manager who wanted to create an academy with young players.

“I asked my mum to let me take the chance to do this. Give me one year to try and do this and if it doesn’t work, I’ll come home, go to school and lead a normal life. Luckily, my mum told me to give it a shot and I qualified for many events. Six years later and I’m still competing.”

Dylo eCL

Incredible story! So what’s it like competing in the eChampions League considering how far you’ve come?

"It's crazy. This is a special tournament because it's like real football. You have the Champions League and now there’s the eChampions League. I don't have the chance to play in real life, so this is a real chance for me. I’m lucky to play here in this amazing place, competing in this competition."

What’s it been like travelling and competing with your Olympique Lyonnais teammate, Leks?

“It's really special, because me and Leks, I knew him before we started competing because we live in the same city. I knew his family before all of this, so it’s good to be in this together.

“So it's special like now we're playing together for one of the biggest clubs in France and we are playing together.”

FC fans can watch Dylo and the other players competing in the eChampions League Knockout stage on the EA SPORTS FC PRO YouTube and Twitch channels.

You can also catch the action on UEFA's YouTube and TikTok channels.

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