November 07
Deep Dive - FC Pro Draft

How it works

With FC Pro Draft, competitors will be set a budget in coins that they must adhere to. For the weekend’s FC Pro Open Global Qualifier, the budget was set at 8,000,000 coins. Competitors needed to build a full squad – their starting XI and subs – that stays within this budget and submit it before the deadline. 

The cost of each player item is set based on the in-game transfer market price of the item. The prices will be locked at a certain time each week and players will use those to build their squads.

2023-11-12 - EA Sports - FC Pro Open - 1664 - Joe Brady

In addition to the coin budget, competitors may also be set additional requirements they must meet with their squad. This can include incorporating player items from events in Ultimate Team such as Trailblazers or Centurions as well as requirements that highlight players from specific leagues and nations.

Over the course of FC Pro 24, we’ll see a variety of Draft requirements that will really allow competitors to flex their squad building muscles.

What is FC Pro Draft? 

FC Pro Draft is a new way for competitors in our global FC Pro competitions to select their squads.  Competitors will be given a budget and based on transfer market values of player items, pick a squad within that budget for use in the competition. 

See the draft and build your own

The squads that competitors create will be available to view at  The same tools that competitors have will be available to fans as well. Once the squad building requirements are up and the transfer market prices are locked, you’ll be able to submit what you think is the best squad that can be built and share across your social media channels.

If our team likes what they see, your squad may even be featured on an FC Pro broadcast. Simply use #FCProDraft when sharing your squads on social media.


How will competitors create their squads for FC Pro? 

Competitors will have to determine the best player items to select for their squad within their budget. Players will use to select their squads. 

What are the requirements for building squads in FC Pro Draft?

For each competition, EA will set requirements, those requirements will be announced publicly a few days before the lock date and will be viewable on  

How can I look at the squads competitors picked? 

Once the competitor squads are locked, they will be available to view on  Competitors may also share their squad on social media, so make sure you follow your favorite players to stay in the loop! 

2023-11-12 - EA Sports - FC Pro Open - 0531 - Joe Brady

Can I pick my own squad? 

Yes! Fans can also login to and create their own squads within the same requirements as the competitors.  Fans share their selection on social media and join the discussion on the picks!  

Where can I see more content about FC Pro Draft? 

We will be sharing FC Pro Draft content from both Pros and the community across our FC Pro social media accounts and during our FC Pro broadcasts!

Check out some more of the FC Pro Open qualifier squads below.


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