May 22
DaniPitbull Interview: "I don't feel pressure."

eSerie A legend DaniPitbull is in the eChampions League Finals following two spectacular performances during the Knockout stage.

We spoke to the Juventus player while he prepares to test his skills against the seven other elite FC players at the eChampions League Finals in London, England.

How was the preparation coming into the Knockout stage after what was a crazy group stage tournament.

“ The Group stage was crazy. I was physically ill, so it was very tough for me. But now it's a different tournament, completely new, we're starting from scratch and I'm ready to do my best.”

Was there a point where you didn’t think you’d be able to compete?

“No, no, that wasn’t the case. I knew that I would have time to recover, so I was just focused on getting through the Group stage, qualifying for Knockout stage and making it to the Finals.”

20240519 eCL Day 4 @KonkolMichal Socials-144

Do you feel pressure because it's the eChampions league or is it just another competition?

“Every competition is different, but I would say that I don’t feel pressure. I think of it as just another tournament. It’s the best tournament because it’s the eChampions League, but it’s just another tournament and we’re playing a video game.”

“My focus is to have fun and do my best. That’s all I can do and that’s how I like to look at things.”

What advice would you give fans who also want to compete?

“Don’t pay attention to other people and what they say. If you believe you’re strong enough to compete on this stage then you should go for it. There will be obstacles, with the main one beijing mentally ready to handle something like this.

“However, if you think you’re ready to compete then you should.”


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from competing?

“Every game is completely different and you can never underestimate an opponent. Every centimetre that you gain, every action during hte game is invaluable because you or your opponent can score at any point.”

FC fans can watch DaniPitbull and the other remaining FC players compete in the eChampions League Finals by clicking HERE.

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