May 21
Bonanno on eCL Finals: "I'm ready to win it!"

Following a successful run through the eChampions League Finals, Manchester City's Bonanno has a chance to win the trophy that he missed out on a few years ago.

We spoke to the ePremier League 2024 champion about his preparation, why Argentinian FC players are so good and much more.

Following your win in the ePremier League, how’s your preparation for the eChampions League been?

“It’s honestly been the same as when I’m competing in any other competition. This one is a little more important, but the preparation is still the same. I win everything, so I keep my training the same for every competition."

It’s been quite awhile since the ePremier League leading to now. Has it been difficult finding the motivation needed to get back into the swing of things?

“No, I don’t find it difficult. Each competition is different from the other and winning the ePremier League was so important for me as I wanted to qualify for the eChampions League and the FC Pro 24 World Championship.

“My motivation is to win the eChampions League, because I lost the final two years ago. So I’m ready to go and win it this time. "

20240519 eCL Day 4 @KonkolMichal Socials-164

Do you have a chip on your shoulder because you’ve won everything so far besides the eChampions League?

“Of course. The eChampions League is one of the most important tournaments and it’s something I want to win. The FC Pro 24 World Championship is the same, because I’ve lost in both competitions and now I want to win both.”

Is there anyone you wanted to play against?

“I want to play everyone because it’s all the same to me. I want to win the tournament, soit doesn’t really matter who I face because it’s all the same."

20240519 eCL Day 4 @KonkolMichal Socials-142

What makes Argentinian FC players so good?

“I think it’s because it’s so important for us. if you win one tournament in Argentina the money can change your life, but not so much in Europe.”

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